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Still didn’t find a job but at least had some fun 🙂



Weather issues

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Before I moved to the Netherlands I had visited it twice. The weather there was much better than in Finland: it was warm, sunny and snowless. So I decided I don’t need warm clothes anymore and gave most of my sweaters to charity. Then I bought a sunscreen and was ready to go.

When I arrived it was +5C, rainy and windy. Very WINDY. The country is flat, so the wind permeates everywhere. I was very happy to found my old hoodie in a suitcase. And wool socks (thanks to my mother who made me to take them with). By the way, there is no need for sunscreen yet. So don’t repeat my mistakes and read the weather forecast more carefully.

Welcome to my world

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Hello everyone, my name is Polina. After 26 years of living in Russia and almost 6 in Finland I am finally settling down in the Netherlands. Here in my blog I am going to share my experience of living in different countries. I am going to write about cultural differences, ethnic cuisines, ways to finding a job etc. I will write both in English and Russian. One day I might also start to do it in Finnish and Dutch (ho-ho!). Hope you will find something useful and fun here 🙂